Mittwoch, Juli 14, 2010

philosopical statements by scientists

Last year I was at EPF'09, the european polymer congress in Graz.
Next to the newest developments about polymers (e.g. polymers from bioresources, polymers for medical applications) there were even philosophical statements by leading scientists (chemistry, physics).
small molecules of the world: unite und form networks!
for self healing, avoid crystallization.
small molecules have a desire to form structures without crystallization.
to avoid crystallization,
bring disorder!
to get great outcome, you have to learn to play with very subtile interactions!
Are united molecules soluble? -> OUI!
as heard by Ludwik Leibler, who talked about healing rubber.

to hold on reactions for a long time,
pauses are needed.
as heard by Krzyszstof Matyjaszewski, who talked about ATRP (atomic transfer radival polymerization), which is living polymerization.

progress comes out of the exchange of knowledge.
as heard by Hans Sünkel, dean of TU-Graz, which organised the EPF09.

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