Freitag, November 26, 2010

Cantona's Aufruf zur Bank-Revolution

Cantona: Yeah!
Proles - werde Deiner Macht bewußt!!
Da bin ich ja mal gespannt...

Hier der Text:
I don’t think we can be entirely happy seeing such misery around us. Unless you live in a pod. But then there is a chance… there is something to do. Nowadays what does it mean to be on the streets? To demonstrate? You swindle yourself. Anyway, that’s not the way any more.
“We don’t pick up weapons to kill people to start the revolution. The revolution is really easy to do these days. What’s the system? The system is built on the power of the banks. So it must be destroyed through the banks.
This means that the three million people with their placards on the streets, they go to the bank and they withdraw their money and the banks collapse. Three million, 10 million people, and the banks collapse and there is no real threat. A real revolution.
We must go to the bank. In this case there would be a real revolution. It’s not complicated; instead of going on the streets and driving kilometres by car you simply go to the bank in your country and withdraw your money, and if there are a lot of people withdrawing their money the system collapses. No weapons, no blood, or anything like that. He concludes: It’s not complicated and in this case they will listen to us in a different way. Trade unions? Sometimes we should propose ideas to them
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Dazu noch den genialen Sager von Cantona nach seiner Kungfu-Aktion:

"When seagulls follow a trawler, it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea."
 Und noch eins drauf (Photo von William Klein, directlink von bbc)
 "You play to fight the idea of losing"

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